Soco's Dual Tubes Cutting Machine SA-80CNC-ST

SOCO's has launched a new product in category of Tube Cutting, The New SOCO's Machine has improve In order to achieve higher fuel efficiency and lowering materials costs, thicker tubes and solid bars have been replaced by thin wall High Tensile tubes, which offer lower weight without compromising in strength and safety.

This Machine Used 2 Type of Saw and Each Saw had a different Specification.

SA-80CNC-S (HSS Saw Blade)

  1. Saw Blade: HSS Titanium nitride coating high speed steel blade
  2. Work Piece: Seamless tubes of JIS SCM415 bearing steel
  3. 38.1mm (OD) x 4 mm (Wall) x 29 mm (Length)
  4. Tubes Per Feed: 2 tubes
  5. Cycle Time: 5 +/- 1 sec
  6. Production: 11520pcs / 8 hours

SA-80CNC-C (TCT Saw Blade)

  1. Saw Blade: TCT Saw blade (Throw away type)
  2. Work Piece: Mild carbon steel solid round bar JIS S56C
  3. 50.0 mm (OD) x 30 mm (Length)
  4. Bars Per Feed: 1 solid bar
  5. Cycle Time: 8 +/- 1 sec
  6. Production: 3,600pcs / 8 hours

SA-80CNC-C + S (TCT + HSS Saw Blade)

This High Speed Dual Tubes Cutting Machine Have so many Advantages as follows:


  1. Automatic loading magazine for tubing and solid bars up to 6.5 meters in length
  2. Automatic single or double tube loading, feeding and sawing machines ( Cold Saw )
  3. Automatic first and crop cuts separation Circular Sawing Machines
  4. Automatic speed variation during cutting
    • - Lowest RPM during blade entry
    • - High RPM after cutting through the tube's wall
    • - Lower RPM at re-entry into tube's lower wall

Highest Production

  1. Suitable for non-stop, 24 hours operation
  2. One or two tube's cutting

Flexibility and ease of use

  1. Dual blade cutting system - HSS and / or TCT (tungsten carbide tipped)
  2. Touch screen system for operation, file editing and storage
  3. Self-diagnostics and error display on-screen for troubleshooting


  1. +/- 0.1 mm length tolerance (single tube cutting)
  2. Electric servo controlled feeding
  3. Electric servo controlled cutting ( Circular Saw )
  4. Floating feeding carriage

Superior Design = Longer Blade Life

  1. Patented backlash eliminating system
  2. Triple slide structure for vertical moving saw head for smooth cutting through the entire

Cutting Process

  1. 180 degrees blade holding guides to eliminate vibration
  2. High efficiency gearbox with brake system
  3. High pressure blade cooling system
  4. Sawing head temperature control
Capacity according to what items are used
  1. Round Tube ( mm )
    • - 80 ~ 15 ( SA-80-CNC-S HSS Saw Blade )
  2. Solid Round Bar ( mm )
    • - 80 ~ 15 ( SA-80-CNC-C TCT Saw Blade )