Yadon Powered by Schuler now launching new model of Table Press. Now and more power will do for thick material such as stainless steel or mild steel. The material have various thickness and many kind of material can be press with high efficiency and very effective also very strong with accuracy.

For the Variant:
  1. YC1-25
  2. YC1-45
  3. YC1-60
  4. YC1-80
  5. YC1-110
  6. YC1-125
  7. YC1-160
  8. YC1-200
  9. YC1-250
  10. YC1-315
  11. *This XXX-80/110/125 Nominal Pressure
Main Features from YC1:
  1. High Accuracy, reach JIS1
  2. High precision processing
  3. Lower noise
  4. Less synthetic clearance
  5. Locked type six-side long rectangle guides
  6. Less bending of die height, less deviation of kinetic energy
  7. Less punching deformation
  8. Convenient operation