SOCO's has launched a new product in category of Tube Bending, Most SOCO Pipe Bender equipped with SOCO’s unique DGT technology ( Direct Gear Transmission ) is the worldwide patented tube bending system that offering the highest accuracy and repeatability in bending.

The user interface built-in the SOCO proprietary pipe bending software and operation interface.
  1. Industrial PC (IPC) + Touch Screen
  2. Bending interference and Collision simulator
ROBOT + 2 Unloaders + 2 Benders
This bender of Automation Cell is V series CNC tube benders
  1. combine Draw, Roll & 1D Bending technology
  2. allows 2 different fixed radiuses and multiple large roll bending radiuses in a single part
  3. * programmable carriage boost for CLR = 1D Bending
  4. Coupled with Individual Pressure Die Systems
  5. *assist in each draw bending stack, it brings superior performance and flexibility