Soco's Steel Tube Cutting OD 114mm + NC Servo Feeding with Touchscreen Panel

SOCO's has launched a new product in category of Tube Cutting, The New SOCO's Machine has improve In order to achieve higher fuel efficiency and lowering materials costs, thicker tubes and solid bars have been replaced by thin wall High Tensile tubes, which offer lower weight without compromising in strength and safety.

NC Servo Feeding + Touch Screen ( NC Lines )
  1. FA-111NC
  2. FA-111NC-SN
  3. FA-127NC
  4. NC Servo Controlled Feeding + Touch Screen
    Global Patent, Shortest Crop Length – 25mm + tube cutting length ( SN Type )
NC Servo Controlled Feeding and Touch Screen Tube Cutting Machine, OD114mm


  1. 25mm + a ( V type Clamping Jaw ) – The Shortest Crop Length of any machine available in the market ( SOCO Global Patent - SN Models )
  2. With the shortest crop lengths, the FA-111NC-SN models bring maximum material savings and more production


  1. Vertical Slide for maximum cutting power and rigidity
  2. Standard with Speed Inverter for speeds of 22 ~ 108RPM
  3. Electric Servo Feeding for +/- 0.05 ~ 0.1mm Cutting Length precision (per stroke)
  4. Capacity up to 114mm in Tube and 75mm in Solid Bars
  5. Superior Gear Box design for maximum machine life and performance
  6. Flexible Gripper Feeding + Floating Carriage allow for maximum feeding precision even in material which is not perfectly straight
  7. Cutting Examples
    • – O.D. 50mm solid bar, L = 150mm, cycle time is 28sec
    • – O.D. 75mm steel tube, L = 139mm, cycle time is 11.5sec


  1. Intuitive and User Friendly Interface with Touch Screen system
  2. Ability to program multiple cutting lengths per bar
  3. Large file storage system
  4. Safety Covers ( optional ) for maximum operator protection and comfort
  5. Ability to use Flat and Bundle clamps for multiple tubes cutting