Soco's Steel Tube Cutting OD 110mm Air Lifting for Angle Cutting

SOCO's has launched a new product in category of Tube Cutting, The New SOCO's Machine has improve In order to achieve higher fuel efficiency and lowering materials costs, thicker tubes and solid bars have been replaced by thin wall High Tensile tubes, which offer lower weight without compromising in strength and safety.

Digital Display ( DR Lines )
  1. HVS-375AC
  2. HVS-400AC
  3. Air Lifting System for Angle Cut Setting
OD 110mm Capacity , Straight and Angle Tube Cutting with Air Lifting System
  1. Semi-Automatic Operation tube cutting machine
  2. Straight or Angle tube cutting machine ( Circular Saw )
  3. Air Lifting System for angle cut setting
  4. Vertical sliding saw head ensures stable and precise cutting ( Tube Sawing Machines )
  5. Backlash eliminating device prolongs the life of saw blade
  6. Counter Balance System for maximum stability through the entire cut
  7. Patented Floating Feeding Carriage for superior cutting length accuracy and smooth
  8. material handling
  9. Rigid and reliable clamping vise provides secure material holding
  10. Automatic lubrication system maintains good work performance
  11. Circulating cooling system results in smooth cutting surfaces and longer blade life
  12. Electronic Saw blade protection cover for safety operation
  13. Built-in chips tray for convenient cleaning and maintenance
Capacity according to what items are used
  1. Round Tube ( mm ) ( Cutting Angle 90 Degree )
  2. Ø 110 ( HVS-375AC ) Ø 125 ( HVS-400AC )
  3. Square Tube ( mm ) ( Cutting Angle 90 Degree )
  4. 110 x 110 ( HVS-375AC ) 125 x 125 ( HVS-400AC )