Pipes And Plates Fiber Laser Cutting

DNE Laser Member of Bystronic now launching new model of Laser Cutting Machine. Now and more power will do for thick material such as stainless steel or mild steel. The material have various thickness and many kind of material can be cut with high efficiency and very effective also very strong with accuracy.

With the ability to cutting not only sheet metal but also pipe, even square pipe, its cut able, very precise and also good surface.

For the Power Source we have several variants:
  1. 2000W
  2. 3000W
  3. 4000W
  4. 6000W
  5. 8000W
  6. 10000W
  7. 12000W.
For the Cutting Area this machine can cut with:
  1. 1500mm*3000m,1500*4000mm
  2. 2000*4000mm1500*6000mm
  3. 2000*6000mm;cutting range, etc.
*For the Max Cutting Speed for this machine is depending on the material and thickness.
For the Total Electrical Consumption we have several variant :
  1. 18KW for 2000W
  2. 22KW for 3000W
  3. 25KW for 4000W
  4. 31KW for 6000W
  5. 39KW for 8000W
  6. 46KW for 10.000W
  7. 52KW for 12.000W
And we support with Power Supply 380V/50Hz/60Hz/60A.
  1. Very low cost: cutting all kinds of sheet metal using air;
  2. High performance: originally imported fiber laser sources, stable performance; the lifespan can be over 100,000 hours;
  3. High cutting speed and efficiency: cutting over 10 meters of thin plates per minute;
  4. Laser maintenance for free;
  5. Smooth and fine edges and surfaces, small distortion, smooth and beautiful outlook;
  6. Imported servo motor and gearing system enduring precise cutting;
  7. Versatile software enabling various graphical and textual design; easy, flexible and convenient operation.
  • Can do pipe cutting with max diameter 200 mm