Soco's Manual Steel Tube Cutting OD 80mm (F series)

SOCO's has launched a new product in category of Tube Cutting, The New SOCO's Machine has improve In order to achieve higher fuel efficiency and lowering materials costs, thicker tubes and solid bars have been replaced by thin wall High Tensile tubes, which offer lower weight without compromising in strength and safety.

Manually Operated Mitre Tube Cutting ( F series )
  1. MC-275F
  2. MC-315F
  3. MC-370F
Manually Operated Tube Cutting up to OD80mm, Cost Effective and Easy to Use
Burr Free & Less Dust :
  • - Self Centering vise with two sides clamping to solidly hold the work piece and ensure a smooth and burr free cutting surface. Low operation noise and low pollution working environment
Fast, Precision & Clean:
  • - Compared to Band Sawing, Circular Sawing is much more economical, faster in cutting, more precise, and cleaner
Mitre Cutting:
  • - The Saw Head can be swiveled either direction at various degrees for mitre cutting ( Circular Saw ), providing excellent precision in angle accuracy
Cooling System:
  • - Equipped with electrical cooling pump and a large coolant tank to ensure excellent working temperature on the Saw Blade and the Work Piece, as well as a smooth cutting surface and longer blade life
Capacity according to what items are used
  1. Round Tube ( mm ) ( Cutting Angle 90 Degree )
  2. Ø 80
  3. Square Tube ( mm ) ( Cutting Angle 90 Degree )
  4. 75 x 75