Soco's Tube Bender Machine

SOCO's has launched a new product in category of Tube Bending, Most SOCO Pipe Bender equipped with SOCO’s unique DGT technology ( Direct Gear Transmission ) is the worldwide patented tube bending system that offering the highest accuracy and repeatability in bending.

The user interface built-in the SOCO proprietary pipe bending software and operation interface.
  1. Industrial PC (IPC) + Touch Screen
  2. Bending interference and Collision simulator
All Electric, Left and Right Tube Bender + Robot
This CNC tube bender Machine + Robot is features an all electric tube benders which is equipped:
  1. Left + Right Bending Technology
  2. * with automatic loading and unloading by Robot, the tube bending capacity up to O.D. 50.8 mm
  3. Combines Draw + Roll + Dual Direction Bending Way technology
  4. * suitable for complex parts and shapes
  5. All Electric ( 10 Electric Servo Control Axis )
  6. Easy Programming – Setup a part in the same way as a single directional bend
Machine Option
  1. Automatic Loaders
  2. Automatic Unloaders
  3. Seam Detectors
  4. Punching