Yawei High-speed CNC turret punching machines with advanced technology

Yawei has launched a new product in category of Turret Punching Machine, The New Yawei Machine equipped with automatic strip-off detector, stable and reliable operations. Have omplicated techniques such as forming and wheel ribbing are supported and also have friendly HMI interface, easy to operate with Punching frequency can reach 1000cpm. Extension with automatic system is supported

This High-speed CNC turret punching machines with advanced technology Have so many Advantages as follows:

Turret Structure

  1. Turret adopt high strength alloy steel by a clamping precision machining after casting
  2. Oxidation resistance and bearing capacity is strong
  3. Vibration absorbing and precision guidance performance is remarkable
  4. Stamping process is not easy to appear the phenomenon such as card mode
  5. Pick Up

Feeding Structure

  1. Big lead high precision grinding ball screw
  2. Control without using segmented compensation
  3. The sports location accuracy is higher
  4. Running noise smaller
  5. Ball screw comprehensive live longer
    • - Standard pneumatic swing high strength clamp
    • - Mature and stable structure

The hydraulic system

  1. Stamping frequency up to 1000 times/min
  2. Mature structure, high stability
  3. The comprehensive cost-effective, have molding function