Yawei PBC Series CNC Press Brakes

Yawei has launched a new product in category of Press Brakes, The New Yawei Machine can choose servo motor as main drive to achieve better energy-saving performance. This machine supported with mechanical crowning, better precision on thin sheets high-speed backgauge system, high-speed hydraulic system, better efficiency, high precision finger stops, backgauge range can be extended, suitable for very wide sheets. Also friendly HMI interface, 2D programming and 3D simulation display. Yawei technology also have the following advantages.

CNC system

  1. 10.4 "TFT LCD sc-reens
  2. 800 x600 lattice
  3. 500 MHZ processor
  4. Storage capacity of 256 MB
This Energy saving and high efficiency press brakes (PBC Series) Have so many Advantages as follows:

Under the double V - type "T"

  1. Lower die adopts double V quick change clamping method
  2. optional single V mechanical clamping or single V hydraulic clamping way
  3. optional V lower die more wide workbench clamping way

Quick grip on mould machinery

  1. Mould clamping device on the standard configuration for mechanical quick grip

Behind the double linear guide

  1. Numerical control shaft adopts ac servo motor drive
  2. precision ball screw
  3. linear guide oriented
  4. Speed: 300 mm/s 60 mm/s

SVP one way servo pump control

  1. Use servo motor instead of the conventional motor oil pump motor
  2. realizing the real-time control of motor speed
  3. reduce the pump wheels
  4. realize the bending machine and energy saving
  5. high efficiency
  6. stable characteristics
    • SVP is best cost-effective energy-saving