Yawei AMS. HS - FMC/FMS nc blanking composite machine tool

Yawei has launched a new product with technology AMS. HS sheet metal shears can automatic machining system will be stamping processing and shear together and be responsible for rapid and high quality of workpiece processing and separation and piling into the blanking station or piling equipment. Sheet metal shears automation system with high efficiency, accurate, fast and suitable for a variety of sheet metal products industry, has a popular sales market both at home and abroad..

Extension type 1 sheet metal punching and shearing automated processing system

  1. Intelligent three-dimensional library
  2. Flexible manufacturing cell
  3. Centering on the punching and shearing
  4. Integrate various automation module
  5. Realizing unattended continuous processing
  6. The high quality of workpiece processing
  7. Separation and into the blanking machine

Extension type 2 sheet metal punching and shearing automated processing system

  1. Widely used in various types of plate processing industry
  2. Using independent warehouse, improve space utilization, maximize the plate storage capacity
  3. CNC punching and shearing composite processing, can be a total edge shear, to improve the utilization of plank
  4. Sorting stacker crane can be automatically processed parts partition pallet, and delivery to the next working procedure
  5. Uninterrupted continuous processing, improve production efficiency
  6. When will the human-computer interaction of potential safety problems to a minimum
  7. Can realize the intelligent production, with factory inter-operability MES, ERP management software