Otano Group Open House Project 2018 Other. As shown that our currently Mr. Martino as the Leader of Yawei Marketing Division adjusting the material inside the CNC Turret Punch Machine. The machine are highly configuration and with high specifications and also adopt the latest technology of sheet-metal processing.

Turret punch presses have come a long way over the decades. They progressed from the mechanical to the hydraulic to the electric servo drives introduced in the 1990s. Servo-electric machines dominate much of today’s punch press market. But what if you’re processing carbon steel between 0.25 and 0.375 inch thick? You could call this thickness range “thin plate.”
Servo Ram Design
Ram design uses a single servo motor coupled directly to the crankshaft for highest punching performance and reliability. Simplified design enhances component life and ensures positioning accuracy using a closed loop servo control system.
Energy Efficiency
Intelligent punching mode calculates punching force,stroke and speed providing maximum performance with reduced energy consumption with near zero energy usage in non punching mode. Additionally, energy generated during “ braking “ mode is recycled reducing overall energy usage.
High Speed, Lower Noise
Advanced punching technology provides full control of ram speeds, stroke and forming combined with low noise and energy consumption.
Turret structure
Big depth structure, adopt the parts from Nisshinbo, ensure the precision and wearable function of the turret. To ensure the precision positioning of turret table and tooling, reducer unit imported from Japan.

Powered by SIEMENS 840D CNC controller Yawei Turret Punch can achieve higher efficiency in sheet-metal processing, together with Automatic lubrication will help for preserve the machine tooling and keep it long lasting. Still many feature of Yawei Machine which not covered yet, but if you want to know more, please contact us.

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