The Second Day EXPO

Otano Group Open House Project 2018 Day 2. Today also very good day, good weather condition at Cikarang area, full blessing day we have, and continue for another parts of our open house project 2018. Thank you for our customer and all the related part and section who participating on this day. Full of smile and energy. So,

Keep Going on, press forward
On the 2nd day, the efficiency of this event has increased very high, more guests have come to see the machines from PT.OTANO. All the guests who arrived were very interested in the performance of the engine from PT. ANOTO because the machines that we showed were machines that could support the productivity of work and consumer services. We also provide a seat to tell and ask questions about machines from PT. ANANO, then we also provide a place for providing information and can provide the best offer for guests who come directly to OTANO MACHINE SHOW 2018.