First Day EXPO
today, is the first day for the 2018 Expo Otano Machine Show. The Expo is themed "Higher Returns of Investment" held in Cikarang on August 8 - 11. At the Expo this was of course supported by a number of large companies namely "-" and this event began with the cutting of the ribbon from officials from PT OTANO, after which it proceeded to a photo session with senior officials and staff of PT OTANO. Now after the official program is opened first, it opens with a word from Mr.--. Mr-- this is from - and he has a specialist in that field, for the next 4 days he will be at this event. The Expo event also of course shows several machines imported directly from PT OTANO, and shows the engine performance system, explains the advantages of the engine and can provide solutions for engine use in certain fields and show the results of the engine. This activity is very good because at this event we can see the machines directly and ask the experts. On this event the vision and mission of course have the most important vision is to provide information that consumers need, the next vision is to provide convenience to consumers to be able to enjoy this program more freely.